You asked: Are all PSL fixtures cancelled and when is the next one?

when is the next psl fixture is psl cancelled

Update: Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa said on Tuesday that PSL fixtures could resume behind closed doors. The PSL then said its own board will meet on Thursday to further discuss matters. South African Football Association (Safa) president Danny Jordaan, however, moved swiftly to reiterate Safa’s stance, which is “there are no matches. It is not possible to play.” Update written on 18 March 2020 at 15:51

Updated on 19 March 2020 at 16:29 (SAST): The league will remain suspended indefinitely, but PSL chairperson Irvin Khoza said the season must end by 30 June 2020.

The sporting world has been thrown into unprecedented uncertainty with all of us panic refreshing news pages to find something, anything, that might answer the burning questions of when the next PSL fixture will be.

First, let’s deal with the questions and answers we know for sure.

Has the PSL been cancelled? Are all PSL fixtures cancelled?

At the time of writing, 17 March 2020, PSL fixtures weren’t cancelled. They were suspended (or postponed) for the foreseeable future.

Chairman of the PSL, Dr Irvin Khoza, made the announcement on Monday. He said that fixtures will be on hold for the week, but that could be extended after South Africa declared a national disaster and prohibited gatherings of 100 people or more.

Clubs said that they were advised to keep training, though, and the PSL said that it would continue to consult stakeholders in the coming days. Playing behind closed doors without any spectators present is something that has been touted as an option.

The South African Football Association (SAFA), however,  released a statement on Monday saying playing fixtures in an empty stadium wasn’t an option considering the rate at which the pandemic is spreading.

Part of the statement read:

Some of the football authorities elsewhere in the world have taken measures such as playing matches in “empty” stadiums without spectators. This response has not proven to be effective in minimizing the spread of the virus. In Europe, some players who were participating in matches “behind closed doors” have recently been found to be positive. Therefore, we do not believe that the practice of playing behind closed doors is effective.

Are there any PSL games this week?

At the time of writing, that is a firm no. For the foreseeable future, that is likely to remain the case. But in these uncertain times, the situation is changing every hour. Keep an eye on our PSL live scores section, which will update as soon as we know if there will be any PSL matches this week.

When is the next PSL fixture?

Right now, the answer is we simply don’t know. It’s not possible or wise to speculate, because there are many, many unknowns. There are several factors to consider not just in terms of how to proceed from here, but things that will have a knock-on effect on the resumption of PSL fixtures.

You can check in our PSL live scores section, which lists all the PSL fixtures and will update once the league has been given the green light to resume.

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