The Sims 4 build/buy debug has been changed forever

sims 4 better build buy twisted mexi mod

Important update: This mod received a critical patch on Friday, 18 September 2020.

Builders, take a deep breath because the way you build in The Sims 4 is about to change forever.

The Sims 4 debug mode cheat is one of the best features of the game. It takes builds and storytelling to the next level thanks to the glut of objects available through it.

Sims 4 Build Buy Mode Debug Mod Twisted Mexi

From fruit trees to cow plants, cars (as objects not usable) and, more recently, a vast selection of building shells, allowing players to build mini worlds within their game.

But anyone who uses this feature of build mode will know about the pain involved to find stuff.

Twisted Mexi Better Build Buy Mod Debug (4)

Once upon a time, we had a grand ambition of liberating and cataloguing some of the best debug objects in The Sims 4, but that is quite a time-consuming task.

Fortunately, as with so many other things in The Sims 4, a modder has come to our rescue. We cannot stress enough just home game-changing this is if you are a builder.

You might be familiar with TwistedMexi and the T.O.O.L mod, which allows you to “take objects off lot” and change up worlds in The Sims 4 even when there isn’t a lot available to build on.

But his newest mod has taken things to a whole new level. Debug in The Sims 4 will never be the same again.

TwistedMexi mod: Better BuildBuy

You might have already seen the mod that allows you to expand your Build/Buy catalogue so you can get a better view of all the objects. Like this.

Twisted Mexi Better Build Buy Mod Debug (7)

But dear Simmer reading this, the latest release of this mod makes The Sims 4 build mode even better.

Just so we are clear, this is in no way a sponsored post, we paid for early access to this mod on Patreon and suggest you do the same if you can.

Named debug items in The Sims 4

The latest version of the TwistedMexi’s Better BuildBuy mod for The Sims 4 adds a more organised debug catalogue with named objects and includes the ability to clone and destroy objects.

It also adds swatches to objects like the fabricated items which came with The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, making it far easier to cycle through the options available for these items. It is revolutionary.

Twisted Mexi Better Build Buy Mod Debug (2)

No more losing your place in debug when you want to go back to regular build/buy mode. No more having to scroll for ages trying to find something when you cloned objects in build/buy mode.

Here is the full feature list from TwistedMexi’s Better BuildBuy mod, as per the official release notes:

  • Organized Debug:  Debug (and LiveEdit) objects are sorted into proper categories when this is on. For example, plungers and makeup are in the Bathroom Accents category now, and LiveEdit Trees are well… in Trees. 
  • Swatched Debug: Objects will now be swatched like normal objects are. This lets you use the design tool to quickly flip through the swatches as well.
  • Named Debug: When Organized Debug is on, debug items without names are now named by their technical name. This will make searching for a particular item easier.
  • Clone and Destroy Debug: When Organization is on, you may also clone and destroy any debug object you want. No restrictions.
  • Organized Debug Toggle: Because there’s no way to have organized debug items without it being marked as CC, I’ve added an in game toggle to the filters list. When you’re ready to upload to the gallery, just turn it off and restart the game. You may then upload to the gallery without the CC tag.
  • Better Filters: You can now choose to see any combination of Maxis, Debug, Live Edit, or Custom Content Objects. No more wading through CC when you just want to find a Maxis item. These filters also make the debug and liveedit objects unnecessary. Just toggle the filter on and they’ll be available.
  • Persistent Filters: Unlike normal BuildBuy, Better BuildBuy will keep your filter selections saved even if you leave BuildBuy. 
  • Expandable Catalog: Two rows of objects feeling too crowded? Press the 1 key on your number row to expand it to 5. When done, just press the key once more to return to 2.
  • BuildMode FreeCam: Love that tab camera but wish you could have it in buildbuy?
    That’s included with Better BuildBuy as well. Just press tab while in buildmode and you’ll snap right into freecam mode.

How to install TwistedMexi’s Better BuildBuy mod in the Sims 4

First, head on over to Patreon and download the mod from TwistedMexi’s page. If you care able to, make a donation. Remember, modders do this in their free time and out of their love for the game – so the support of Sims 4 players helps them a lot.

If you are new to using mods in The Sims 4, make sure you read the installation instructions carefully (they are summarised below, but are also included on the mod’s official page).

  1. Unzip the download and extract the file. Drag the folder called “Tmex-BetterBuildBuy” into your mods folder. Do not put this in a subfolder.
  2. Make sure you have turned on script mods and other mods in your gameplay options tab in the game.
  3. Organised debug will be turned off by default. When you start up the game, you will have to go into Build/Buy and check the Organised Debug box to turn it on and then restart your game.

Also make sure you read the instructions on how to submit your builds to the gallery if you are using this mod. Even if you do not use any Sims 4 custom content, the game thinks you are using it with this mod enabled (presumably because the objects are not named what they are in the game file).

Better BuildBuy mod crashing the Sims 4

A few players have reported crashing issues with the use of this mod, without any LastException errors. There are a few ways to try and troubleshoot this problem,

First, before you open your game, make sure you clear your cache. If you still have issues with crashing, try the install with a a clean mod folder with just the Better BuildBuy mod added. If that works without issues, start adding your other mods back in. Remember to clear your cache.

If your game crashes with other mods added, you will have to eliminate the conflict by adding mods one-by-one and seeing where the crashing starts. You can log these errors with the creator(s) of the mods on their official support channels.

Happy building!

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