Sims 4 Get to Work

The Sims 4: Get to Work includes a new independent neighbourhood – Magnolia Promenade.

Magnolia Promenade is not a full world and contains four lots, three of which have pre-built stores, and one empty lot that the player can build their own business on.

Get to Work also includes a secret lot called “Sixam” (which is “Maxis” spelt backwards), which can be found using the wormhole generator, available at level 10 of the new Scientist career. Sixam is a great place to find some alien friends or find new collectables.

Get to Work introduces brand new active careers, which are the main focus of the expansion.

These careers give the player an opportunity to follow Sims to work. When the player is following a Sim in their workplace, the player is given tasks that are needed to be completed in order to have a promotion. There are three active careers: Detective, Doctor and Scientist.



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