Speculation: Is The Sims 5 coming to console this year?

the sims 5 console 2020 release rumour

Not much is known about The Sims 5 yet, other than the fact that it’s going to be a thing. There’s a lot of life left in The Sims 4 yet, though, but everyone wants to know what The Sims 5 might look like.

There have been some suggestions that The Sims 5 might be multiplayer, but fresh speculation surfaced this week after an article surface on the website IGN.

The article mentioned “rumoured and confirmed” games that’s set to be released on console in 2020. On the rumoured list was The Sims 5, with the date simply “TBC”.

There was a bitof chatter on social media about it, but the idea was quickly nipped in the bud over on the official Sims forum.

One user pointed out an interesting quote, though. At the recent Financial Year quaterly review, Andrew Wilson, EA CEO, was quoted as saying:

You’ll continue to see us launch games on a multiyear basis. Things like Battlefield or some of our titles out of Dragon Age would be a good example of that. You’ll continue to see us think about games on a 5- and 6-year time horizon. The Sims, which launched again over 5 years ago and continues to grow every year through extra content and live services, would be an example of that.

That might mean that 2020 will not be the end of the line for The Sims 4, the world has changed dramatically in the last few months and chances are that plans might have changed.

Read more or join the discussion on the Sims forum.

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