The Sims 4 mods: Remove sentiments for specific Sims

sims 4 mods remove specific sentiment

ETM overview: It’s the season to forgive, even if you are a Sim. If your Sims just can’t get over their negative feelings towards another Sim, this mod might help. Useful if you don’t want to use larger mods like MC Command Centre or UI Cheats Extension.

ETM reviewed/tested: No.

Available for download at Mod The Sims
Mod by ShuSanR 

The mod will offer you an option to remove all the sentiments about the picked sim. XML Injector is needed, download here

I made this mod based on the debug interaction which will remove all the sentiments about all the relationships.

I don’t know how to remove specific sentiments without changing the relation tracks points, I tried, but it doesn’t work.

You can find the option on the phone social category. You can pick as many Sims as you want.
It will remove all the sentiments about the picked sims and won’t remove the sentiments of the picked sims about your acting Sim.

Sims 4 Remove Specific Sentiments Mod

If you are suffering from negative sentiments, and no matter how many times your sims had apologized, the sentiment is stuck there? Try this mod, it might help.

Installation details for this mod:

*This mod needs XMLinjector by Scumbumbo*
Download the latest version of XMLinjector, unzip the file, and put the .ts4script file into your Mods folder(Don’t put it into any other subfolder).
Download this mod and put the .package file(s) into your Mods folder.

More details available on the mod’s download page.

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