The Sims 4 21st anniversary object descriptions reference farms

sims 4 anniversary update feb farming mentions

Thursday was quite a day for The Sims 4. A free base game update celebrating the franchise’s recent 21st anniversary including a bunch of objects from custom content creators, an announcement was made that bunk beds would be coming to the base game in a free update in late March and the game will be adding “Kits” as a new content offering.

More details about The Sims 4 Kits will be revealed on 2 March, but for now, our attention is firmly fixed on the object descriptions that came as part of The Sims 4 February 2021 update.

As you know from previous forays into description decrypting, these little nuggets of wit can sometimes be a hint of things to come. The Paranormal Plates that came with the Snowy Escape pack is the most recent example of that.

So, obviously the first thing to do after new objects are added to the game is to head on over to their descriptions. There are only a few, so we’ll list all of them and their descriptions below – they’re all worth reading because they are so quirky – but there are two that stand out, both making a reference to farming.

Sims 4 object descriptions for the 21st-anniversary update

The Greatest Gift Chair

If you have a friend with less than ample seating in their home, what better gift to give than that of a chair. It might be a tad passive-aggressive, but one might argue that it’s outright aggressive to host guests in a seating-challenged home, forcing friends to scrounge like pigeons for a place to perch. Don’t let your derriere despair: gift a chair!

Flowers from your Not-So-Secret Admirer

Have you ever gotten flowers you thought were from a secret admirer only to find out they were from your parents, Great Aunt, barista, or maybe a sentient neighbourhood squirrel? Womp womp. Sorry to say these flowers are not from a secret admirer…they’re from us: your not-so-secret admirer! We think you’re pretty great. (We are also not a sentient squirrel. Promise…)

Groovy Times Bar Stool

Celebrate! This grooved, natural wood barstool was designed specially for our 21st anniversary. Scooch your booty up to the bar, and raise a glass of juice with us! Eat, drink, and be groovy!

All of the Things Table

Oh, the things you can put on this table! Big things, small things, medium sized things, short things, tall things, or even no things. Gasp!

Cloud Cutie Mirror

This shiny little cloud mirror has all the feels. Just like you. So whether you’re feeling like everything’s coming up rainbows or want to storm off to rain on someone’s parade, this little cutie gets it.

Thank You, Wardrobe

Thanks to all the wardrobes out there who help Sims get dressed every day for the past 21 years…and thanks to those who choose their outfits with care. Thanks to those who dress in a rush and accidentally leave the house wearing bunny slippers. And special thanks to those cold, awkward blurry moments where there are no clothes, because in those times we appreciate wardrobes most of all.

The Sims 4 21st anniversary update: Farming references ahoy

Wait, farmers do not say ‘ahoy’, right? Does it matter. It doesn’t matter. Two of the tables designed by heyharrie make a reference to farming or farmers in the descriptions. We’ll assume that “Around the Sun” is merely a nod to a birthday and not get too caught up in speculation about how the sun influences growing seasons and crops.

References to farming llamas aren’t anything new. Even references to farms or farming aren’t new. There are already objects with “farmhouse” or other farm-related naming conventions in the game. And, of course, The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu featured several gameplay references to farming or farmers – so it could simply be a nod to that – we’ll leave it up to you to make up your own mind.

Around the Sun Table

This beautifully crafted wooden dining table went missing for an entire year after it was abducted by aliens and journeyed around the solar system for a while. Eventually, the aliens who abducted it decided they wanted to upgrade and gently left this table out in a field where it was discovered by llama farmers. You can’t make this stuff up.

Once More Around the Sun Table

Slightly larger than its companion piece, this wooden dining table was crafted as a replacement for the “Around the Sun” table that was abducted by aliens. Much to everyone’s surprise, the aliens returned, announced their desire for a larger dining table and made off with this one instead. Thankfully, they eventually returned it in the same fashion as the other table: dropping it in a field full of llamas.

Farming has been a long-requested addition to The Sims 4 with many players hopeful it will finally come to the game this year. While we do love to speculation and read into things, we must also remember that sometimes a quirky description is just a quirky description. What this might be… well, we’ll see.

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