The Sims with different names in other languages: Pleasant family

Sims 4 Translated Sims Pleasant Family Other Langauges

For the last 20 years, The Sims has entertained many players in all corners of the world. The most recent edition of the franchise, The Sims 4, has been translated into over 18 different languages.

You can change the language you play in from the Origin launcher, with full instructions shared over on the official Sims 4 website.

Somewhat disappointingly,  the list of translated languages does not include Simlish – the made-up language spoken by Sims themselves. Disclaimer: That is a joke, in case it does not translate.

While it is obvious that the translations will include the game’s interface, interactions and game objects,  some pre-made families also have their names translated.

A while back, we looked at what Bella Goth is called in other languages. This tickled us so much, that we’ve been looking at the translated names of some other Sim families, too.

We’ve been whizzing up a whole series of these and today we’ll look at the translated names of the Pleasant family. OG Simmers will tell you that Daniel has been part of the Sims game since its first iteration over two decades ago.

His two daughters Angela and Lilith featured in The Sims 2 and returned in The Sims 4 along with their mom Mary-Sue Pleasant.

If you have even a passing interest in languages, the translations will be fascinating to you. For most Sims, their first names remain mostly unchanged across the various translations of The Sims. The changes to surnames, however, are fascinating.

Let’s start with the names of the Pleasants, though. Angela has a few changes, she becomes Anna in Danish, Anneli in Finnish, Amalie in Norwegian, Angelica in Swedish, Ângela in Brazilian Portuguese and Adéla in Czech. Lilith’s name varies from Lenka to Lotte, Leena, Lilli, Lillian Liliana and some others.

Daniel remains the same across most languages except for Dutch, where he becomes Patrick. He is also known as Tapio in Finnish. Mary-Sue has a few variants on her name, Maj-britt, Marie-Claire, Elina, Maria Sofia, Marie-Louise, Marysia…and others.

Ok, we know we said the names stay mostly the same. We did say mostly, right?

The surname Pleasant, meanwhile, becomes  Dos Encantos in Brazillian Portoguese –  a rough, direct translation would mean “two charms”.

In Danish, it is Godmodighsen. While I’m not sure if there is a direct translation,  it has similarities to the word “goed moedig” (Dutch/Afrikaans), which would translate to “well natured/mannered”.

Spanish translates the Pleasants’ surname to ‘ Gentil’… which is not a lowkey reference to anatomy, but rather “gentle” as in, gentile. 

For Swedish, we get Trevlig, which according to the magic Google Translate button simply means “nice”.

We’ve put together some of the translations of all the members of the Pleasant family in The Sims down below – each in its own comparison table, sourced from the game itself and the fandom wiki.

If you spot a mistake in any of the names or translations, please contact us to let us know. If you have some insights of your own to add about any of the translations (like why Daniel becomes Patrick, for example), please also contact us and share them.

The Sims in other languages: Daniel Pleasant

LanguageThe SimsThe Sims 2The Sims 3
EnglishDaniel PleasantDaniel PleasantDaniel Pleasant
Brazilian PortugueseDaniel CortêsDaniel dos EncantosDaniel dos Encantos
Chinese (Simplified)丹尼尔 快乐
Chinese (Traditional)戴麥爾 皮樂
CzechDaniel SlušnýDaniel Pleasant
DanishDaniel PleasantDaniel Gohdmodigsen
DutchPatrick PlezantPatrick Plezant
European PortugueseDaniel Agradável
FinnishTapio Mukavainen
FrenchDaniel BonpoteDaniel SimpaDaniel Simpa
GermanDaniel FreuntligDaniel HübschDaniel Hübsch
Hebrewדניאל פלזנטדניאל פלזנט
HungarianDaniel Pleasant
ItalianMarco BartoliniMarco Bartolini
Japaneseダニエル 心地よいダニエル プリーザント
(Daniel Kokochiyoi)(Daniel Pleasant)
Korean대니얼 플래전트
NorwegianDaniel JovialsenDaniel JovialsenDaniel Behagelig
PolishDaniel KumpelDaniel PrzyjemniaczekDaniel Pleasant
RussianДанила РябиновДэниел НовосельскихДэниел Новосельских
SpanishDaniel GentilDaniel GentilDaniel Gentil
SwedishDaniel TrevligDaniel TrevligDaniel Trevlig
Thaiดา•เนี•ยล เพลซ•เซินท์

The Sims in other languages: Mary-Sue Pleasant

LanguageThe Sims 2The Sims 3
EnglishMary-Sue PleasantMary-Sue Pleasant
Brazilian PortugueseMaria José dos EncantosMaria José dos Encantos
Chinese (Simplified)玛丽苏 快乐
Chinese (Traditional)瑪莉蘇 皮樂
CzechMarie SlušnáMary-Sue Pleasant
DanishMaj-britt GodmodighsenMary-Sue Pleasant
DutchMarie-Louise PlezantMary-Sue Plezant
European PortugueseMaria Sofia Agradável
FinnishElina Mukavainen
FrenchMary-Sue SimpaMary-Sue Simpa
GermanMarie-Claire HübschMarie-Claire Hübsch
HungarianMar-Sue Pleasant
ItalianSusanna BartoliniSusanna Bartolini
Japaneseマリー・スー プリーザントメアリー・スー プリーザント
Korean매리-수 플래전트
NorwegianMariann JovialsenMari-Silje Behagelig
PolishMarysia PrzyjemniaczekMary-Sue Pleasant
RussianМэри-Сью НовосельскихМэри-Сью Новосельских
SpanishMaría Antonia GentilMaría Antonia Gentil
SwedishMarie-Louise Trevlig
Thaiแม•รี่-•ซู เพลซ•เซินท์

The Sims in other languages: Angela Pleasant

LanguageThe Sims 2The Sims 4
EnglishAngela Pleasant
Brazilian PortugueseÂngela dos EncantosÂngela Dos Encantos
Chinese (Simplified)安吉拉 快乐
Chinese (Traditional)安琪拉 皮樂
CzechAdéla Slušná
DanishAnna Gohdmodigsen
DutchAngela PlezantAngela Plezant
European PortugueseÂngela Agradável
FinnishAnneli Mukavainen
FrenchAngela SimpaAngela Simpa
GermanAngela HübschAngela Frohmann
HungarianAngela Pleasant
ItalianAngela Bartolini
Japaneseアンジェラ プリーザント
Korean앤젤라 플래전트
NorwegianAmalie Jovialsen
PolishAndżelika PrzyjemniaczekAngela Przyjemniak
RussianАнжела НовосельскихАнжела Новосельских
SpanishÁngela GentilÁngela Gentil
SwedishAngelica Trevlig
Thaiแอง•เจ•ล่า เพลซ•เซินท์

The Sims in other languages: Lilith Pleasant

LanguageThe Sims 2The Sims 4
EnglishLilith PleasantLilith Pleasant
Brazilian PortugueseLílite dos EncantosLílite Dos Encantos
Chinese (Simplified)利里斯 快乐
Chinese (Traditional)莉麗絲 皮樂
CzechLenka Slušná
DanishLilith Gohdmodigsen
DutchLotte PlezantLotte Plezant
European PortugueseLili Agradável
FinnishLeena Mukavainen
FrenchLilith SimpaLilith Simpa
GermanLilli HübschLilith Frohmann
Hebrewלילית’ פלנסט
HungarianLilith Pleasant
ItalianLilith Bartolini
Japaneseリリス プリーザント
Korean릴리스 플래전트
NorwegianLillian Jovialsen
PolishLiliana PrzyjemniaczekLilith Przyjemniak
RussianЛилия НовосельскихЛилит Новосельских
SpanishLili GentilLili Gentil
SwedishLillian Trevlig
Thaiลิ•ลิธ เพลซ•เซินท์
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