New Sims 4 expansion pack theory: Town Life – build your own town?

Sims 4 Town Life New Expansion Pack Theory

Please note that what follows is simply a theory and speculation. While we do try to make our theory and speculation posts as comprehensive as possible, nothing has officially been confirmed by EA, unless otherwise stated.

With a new Sims 4 expansion pack set to be released in the coming months, we’re just itching to find out what theme the pack might follow. While an official announcement will come in the next few weeks, we do love a bit of speculation.

Recently, we looked into some old surveys which were sent out prior to the release of The Sims 4 over six years ago. So it’s time to dive a bit deeper and dream about what future content might come to the game.

The winter vacation expansion pack theory has long been lingering or hinted at, but implementing that might rub players who already bought the Sims 4 Season expansion pack the wrong way.

There’s also a good case for a “heroes and villains” Sims 4 expansion, but today we are going to look at something a little bit different.

We already know that the new expansion is not going to feature bunk beds, farming or updated babies. But that still leaves a wealth of possibilities.

One particular survey from 2014 caught our eye, especially in the context of the new debug items that recently appeared after the Sims 4 September patch. Let us show you what we mean.

Sims 4 New Debug Objects Base Game Build Mode (24)

While some themes mentioned in surveys as stuff packs would go on to become much more, this particular description was for an expansion pack under the title “Town Life”. The full description from that survey follows below.

The Sims 4: Town life

Create a vibrant and evolving new town for your Sims to explore! Build out your town with new venues including pop-up restaurants, coffee shops, farmers’ markets, amongst others. Change the rules of your town by becoming Mayor and making your own laws or use new neighbourhood editing tools to fully customize your town as you see fit.

We know that a “create a world” feature might not ever happen in The Sims 4, but a version thereof might. With the Eco Lifestyle expansion, we already saw the addition of Neighbourhood Action Plans, which influences the behaviour of Sims and their environment.

We’re not sure just how sophisticated the neighbourhood editing tools will be, but the large number of “building shells” that was patched into the base game in September certainly got us thinking.

 The survey also included information on possible details and features a Sims 4 expansion pack of this nature might have.

Sims 4 Town Life: Details/Features

Brand New Venues: Visit a variety of new places around town including restaurants, coffee shops, and laundromats.

Community Events: Participate in new events happening all over town! Buy fresh groceries from the famers’ market or have a fancy dinner at an exclusive pop-up restaurant.

Be the Mayor: Get into a career as a local politician! Start off as a community organizer, setting up protests at the new City Hall venue. Get enough support and become the Mayor, making new laws that affect the whole world!

Customize the Town: Decorate your entire town with the new neighbourhood editing tools. Control which Sims visit the town and even which ones move in with a variety of new options.

Hrm. We’re kind of intriguing by the “start off as a community organizer, setting up protests” bit. Remember that picture from the six-month road map earlier in the year? We were pretty certain that it was to do with the Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion, but what if it’s not?

The ability to edit and customise a town to spec is also intriguing. A fully functional create-a-world option might not work, but a lot of gameplay that deals with environmental influence has already been added.

Both the Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack and Eco Lifestyle are influenced by the actions of the Sims living there. An earlier patch also added the little neighbourhood descriptions to all of those ‘hood that did not have them.

Because the information about what the neighbourhood editing tools would entail was limited, it’s tough to speculate what it might look like.

Remember, as the official statement from the Sims 4 team said: they have been working on this pack since last year already, so while the surveys from earlier in the year might still be used, it might not form the core of the new Sims 4 expansion pack.

Finally, that same survey also had a section about active careers. Some of those already came with the Get To Work expansion, but there were a few others listed, too. Not all relating specifically to a “Town Life” pack, but some are intriguing nonetheless.

Sims 4 possible additional active careers

Maid Career: As a maid for hire you’ll be helping Sims keep their homes clean, but you’ll also be learning their deepest secrets in the process.

Personal Stylist Career: Become a personal shopper and outfit your clients with the latest fashions in clothing, makeup, and accessories.

Architect Career: Using Build Mode, you’ll get to design and build houses and venues for all of your neighbours and fellow citizens of your town – for a fee of course.

Interior Decorator: With an eye for interior design, you’ll get to design styled rooms for all of your clients.

We know we kind of joked about how you can already have a home renovator career in The Sims 4, but some of these themes – interior decorator and architect especially – kind of fits with the whole town-planner-mayor vibe, don’t you think? We can’t wait to find out what’s to come.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the survey was from 2015. It was from 2014 and has been updated.

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