A Sims 4 Star Wars pack is the last thing players wanted – poll

On Thursday night at Gamescom, The Sims 4 confirmed what many had been speculating for weeks: the new Sims 4 game pack is a Star Wars crossover. Well, actually, it is much more than a crossover.

Officially titled Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, the pack’s official trailer was premiered this week and the release date set for 8 September 2020.

Ever since the icon was leaked over three weeks ago, many Simmers have had a feeling that this is exactly what it was going to be.

Some thought that the pack might be a bit of a lighter crossover with an overarching space theme, but no, it is full-on Star Wars themed with a heavy focus on creating a “Star Wars story” through the game play.

Simmers freaked out. And not always in a good way.

As first noted by YouTuber Pixelade, a poll run by Digital Spy earlier this year placed Star Wars last on the list of things players want. Granted, this was an independent poll run by a publication that does not have an affiliation with EA, but the results of that poll pretty much sums up the general sentiment around what players feel is missing from the game.

The poll had over 170 000 responses and put hotels, schools, worlds, farming and cars as the top five things on Simmers’ wishlist.

Results from an independent poll of what Simmers want

Results from the Digital Spy poll.

1. Hotels – 16.1K

2. School life – 15.1K

3. Worlds – 13.2K

4. Farming – 12K

5. Cars – 11K

6. Hobbies – 10.7K

7. Murder mystery – 9K

8. Weddings – 8.6K

9. Horses – 8.5K

10. Reality TV – 8.1K

11. Happy Haunts – 7.5K

12. Medieval – 7.2K

13. Superheroes – 6.9K

14. Winter holiday – 6.9K

15. Firefighters – 6.4K

16. Werewolves – 6.3K

17. Futuristic – 5.6K

18. Climate change – 5.2K

19. Zombies – 4.5K

20. Veganism – 3.5K

21. Star Wars – 2.5K

The reaction to the new Sims 4 game pack has not been great. At the time of writing, the official trailer on the Sims’ YouTube channel had almost 50 000 dislikes, compared to the 24 000 likes.

The sticking point for many players, including Star Wars fans themselves, is that this game pack feels as if it is incredibly niche and exists almost separately from the game.

Nobody wants townies as Storm Troopers with wrestler masks on roaming around town. While it is best to reserve judgement until we have had a look at the pack overall (the build buy items look incredible), there is something a bit alienating about it in the initial promos. No pun pun intended.

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