Sims 4 new game pack: What do the Sim Guru hints mean?

There’s a new Sims 4 Game Pack coming and there are hints everywhere. What do they mean?

sims 4 new game pack sim guru twitter hints

Update: Are the hints? Are they nothing? Here are the latest might be hints from Sim Guru George.

Ever since the new game pack icon for The Sims 4 was accidentally leaked on Sunday (on the Sims official website), speculation has gone into overdrive about what the new pack might be. As per the six month roadmap released earlier in the year, we know for sure it will be a “major first” for the simulation franchise, but what exactly is that?

One theory that’s caught on is a crossover between Star Wars and The Sims. A less likely theory about the new Sims 4 Game Pack is that it could relate to Atlantis or some sort of underwater pack.

Over on Twitter, one Sim Guru has been sharing some hints. They’re rather vague  and we now know that there are more to come.

Sim Guru George recently shared screenshots of three objects from the Sims. A Future Cube, which we know has been dropping hints for a while, the Pig Chef statue and, more recently, scrolls.

The Pig Chef hasn’t quite fit in anywhere. Although some have theorised it fits the Star Wars narrative since there are pig-like creatures in Star Wars who are chefs.

The scrolls, the most recent hint, did indeed have hidden clues with one Simmer spotting the words “mystery”, “hidden” and “hint” in the screengrab.

That doesn’t help much with the theory though. While the scrolls themselves could point to the Jedi Scrolls and make a strong case for the Star Wars theme, the others don’t quite fit. The scrolling could also be a reference to the scrolling text that opens Star Wars films.

Unless you want this to be an Atlantis/under water pack. Hidden, in that case, would make sense.

What we do know is that there are a few more hints to come.

Don’t you just love a little treasure hunt? We’ll keep you in the loop.