The Sims 4: March 2020 patch speculation

Sims 4 March 2020 Patch Speculation

After the damp squib that was the 20th anniversary patch for The Sims 4, gamers aren’t getting there hopes up ahead of the anticipated release of the March 2020 patch. The February patch delivered only a few bug fixes and a reskinned hot tub.

Every month on The Sims 4 forums, gamers dedicate a thread to speculating on what the month’s patch might bring. Things have been eerily quiet on the digital streets since the massive let down in February.

On Twitter, where the Sim Gurus would usually drop little hints about what Simmers can expect in the coming weeks, everyone has remained tight-lipped about what the next patch might bring.

On the forums, most Simmers say they are keeping their expectations very much in check. Others are a little bit optimistic, hoping that the February patch was small because something big will drop with the March patch. Others say it’s not even worth speculating.

Origin has been running a massive sale under the “EA Publisher Sale” banner with several Sims 4 titles discounted by up to 88%. That sale ended on 3 March 2020. Massive sales are not unusual, but they are sometimes followed by a big announcement from The Sims 4 team.

You can find the forum discussion on the official EA website here.

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