Sims 4 Kits released: Price and video trailer announced

sims 4 kits new official details

Note: On Tuesday, there will be a live stream taking a deep dive into the new Sims 4 Kits.

The Sims 4 have revealed all the details about a new type of DLC called Sims 4 Kits which will be released on 2 March 2021. Or rather, should we say, Origin revealed the details when they posted the kits to their library ahead of the official word from The Sims.

Last week, following the Sims 4 February update, descriptions, screenshots and even the welcome screens for the new Sims 4 Kits appeared in the game code. The three Sims 4 Kits called Throwback Fit, Country Kitchen and Bust the Dust each appear to add something distinct to the game – Create-a-Sim items, Build/Buy items or gameplay.

Much of what was uncovered was pretty straight-forward, but a few questions – including release date and price point – remained. The Sims confirmed that these Kits were coming on 2 March, but revealed no further details or what time the announcement might come.

With no further details – and being in another time zone, obviously, our Origin library got a refreshing workout and just before 20:00 SAST (+2GMT), the kits appeared with a pre-order option.

Sims 4 Kits: Price for new DLC revealed

The new Sims 4 Kits are priced at R74.95 (South African Rand) – and will likely be around $4.99 or whatever that equivalent is in your currency.

sims 4 kits released on origin

Sims 4 Kits: Video trailer reveal

Later, The Sims shared a video trailer to show off the new kits – all three of them released at the same time. and are described as “bite-size” packs to “boost your playstyle with more choices”.

The descriptions and features for the new Sims 4 Kits have already been revealed, but we’ll post them below again for convenience.

Sims 4: Throwback Fit Kit

Outfit your Sims in retro-inspired athleisure looks with The Sims 4 Throwback Fit Kit. Take it back to nostalgic colours, bold patterns and trend-forward silhouettes with these all-new Create-a-Sim items. Updated everyday classics and workout wear elevate this unique collection — and your Sim’s fashion.

Key features:

  • Get Fit in Style — Hit the gym or take it easy at home with 19 comfortable, sporty pieces that call back to the energy and simplicity of the ‘90s. Show off with bright colours, modular shapes and unexpected details that are sure to catch the eye.
  • Top It Off — The kids might not have been around for it the first time, but now they can discover the neon joy of the past. Dress them up to impress with 5 child versions and one toddler version of the adult clothing items. Bucket hats for everyone!

Sims 4: Country Kitchen Kit

Transform your Sim’s kitchen into the most charming part of their home with The Sim 4 Country Kitchen Kit*! From vintage refrigerators to casserole dishes, these Build/Buy objects offer a delightfully trendy take on a timeless style.

Key features:

  • Cook in Comfort — Build the kitchen of your Sim’s dreams with a completely new set of counters, islands, cabinets and mix-and-match pieces. Small details add to the unassuming elegance of the items, while multiple colour palettes match any room.
  • Make It Homey — The kitchen is the heart of the home for a reason. Every object works together to foster a warm atmosphere with vintage furniture, décor and materials.

Sims 4: Bust the Dust Kit

Dust off the vacuum and tidy up in The Sims 4 Bust the Dust Kit*. Dust is piling up and spawning friendly bunnies and dastardly filth fiends in Sims’ homes. Get rid of the muck by cleaning, or settle in for a messy life. Conquer chores with new buffs and rewards for each dust level, vacuums to help fight the good fight, and aspirations related to cleanliness.

Key features:

  • Avoid Dust-ups — What starts as a film of dust builds up into piles and then takes on a life of its own! As time passes, homes go from clean to dusty to filthy if Sims don’t clean up.
  • Clean Up Your Act — Explore two new aspirations! Perfectly Pristine Sims won’t let a single speck of dirt remain, while Filthy and Fabulous Sims revel in allowing grime to thrive.
  • Suck It Up — Find full-size and handheld vacuums in Build Mode for your fight against the encroaching dust. Make your Sim’s chores easier and more fun. Even kids can help out.
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