Sims 4 Kits likely to be released one at a time in future

sims 4 kits release frequency future

The Sims 4 introduced a new type of content called Kits on Tuesday. The official release of these so-called “bite-sized” packs follow after screenshots and their descriptions were uncovered in the game code for the Sims 4 February 2021 update.

Three different kits, each with a distinct focus on something specific like Create-a-Sim, Build/Buy and gameplay, released at the same time on Tuesday.

The Kits titled Throwback Fit, Country Kitchen and Bust the Dust are for sale at US$4.99 or similar currency equivalents, depending on where you live.

A surprise live stream then followed, taking a deep dive into these new Sims 4 Kits.

On the stream, Sim Guru Frost and Sim Guru Ninja briefly explained some of the thinking behind releasing the kits and how their release will work in future.

The first thing worth noting is that Sim Guru Frost said it is unlikely that more than one Sims 4 Kit will be released at the same time in future. Releasing three of them at the same time was a way to highlight the different elements these can add so that players can get a sense of which kinds of kits might suit their play style.

While there is currently no set timeline for how often these packs will be released, Sim Guru Frost did confirm that they will be released more often than packs.  However, these won’t have an impact on the release of other packs.

The Sim Gurus said that that because Kits are “easier to create”, it allows for soothing the so-called “content drought” – months in which there is no new DLC released in the form of Stuff, Game or Expansion Packs.

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