The Sims 4 is judging you for cheating to get the new Scared moodlet

Sims 4 New Scared Terrified Moodlet Cheat

The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack will be released on 26 January 2021, with the deep dive live stream set for 22 January 2021. We’ll learn a lot more about the new Paranormal Investigator career, the return of Bonehilda and  Guidry the Ghost.

The pre-pack patch, however, is already live. The January update for The Sims 4 included a few bug fixes – including Sims finally being able to begin life opted out of fame again. The base game also got a brand new Scared moodlet and a new Brave Reward Trait.

It is hard to believe that it has taken over six years for the game to include Sims being Scared, but better late than never, right? Hint, hint, please bring back burglars.

Sims 4 Scared moodlet: Don’t cheat your way there

Naturally, because we are committed to our craft (no, not like the movie, we’re not that punny), we have been investigating (okay, that was intentionally punny), how the new Scared moodlet impacts Sims.  

We already knew from the dev blogs written by Sim Guru Conor that being scared is quite a thing for Sims. Here’s a quote from the first blog post:

The Scared Mood affects Sims in a variety of ways, with my personal favourite, the new Scream Incoherently interaction, where a Scared Sim runs up to another Sim to scream their lungs out. This can result in the other Sim calming down the Scared Sim, or resulting in both Sims becoming Scared. This can create a Scared Mood wildfire if you’re not careful!

Sims afflicted with the Scared Mood also have trouble communicating with others, the urge to panic-run everywhere, and are slightly more prone to accidents. If no other Sims are around to help calm down a Scared Sim, they might just have to Hide Under The Covers for a while.

Needless to say, we were going to make our Sims suffer so yours do not have to, but the game is here to be Judgey McJudge Face about our efforts. With a quick Shift-Click cheat, we managed to make poor Bella Goth not just Scared, but Terrified… she took it quite hard…. but judgement from The Sims 4 game itself came swiftly.

Sims 4 Cheat For Scared

The moodlet’s pop up read as follows: Terrified (From Debug Cheat) / (You cheated to get this Moodlet). And now, it appears, poor Bella Goth will be condemned to living in terror for 20 Sim days…well, we hope it’s Sim days anyway. Unless we cheat, we can cheat this away, right?!

Well played, The Sims 4 team, well played. Life wasn’t quite miserable enough, with… you know… *gestures vaguely* all of this going on. Now we can’t even cheat without being made to feel like everything is going to hell in a handbasket with a dumpster fire detour.

Guess we’ll just have to do this the long way around to know for sure what sort of terrifying experiences await our Sims.

Jest aside, The Sims team has always been known for having tongues firmly in cheeks with everything from object descriptions (it’s why we just can’t help a bit of wild Sims 4 speculation about possible hints every now and then) to the whacky storyline and sometimes somewhat grim (not like the reaper) wordplay. Back to our cheat free box we go, then.

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