Sims 4 career idea: Renovating houses – without an expansion pack

sims 4 house flipper career idea

The Sims 4 might not have a “house flipper” career as an actual option (although, we’re sure there’s a mod for that somewhere…), but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend.

If you stubbornly refuse to use the unlimited money cheat (we have heard these people exist), but you’re tired of the same old career progression, there is another option.

Sism 4 Renovating Homes For Profit

There is a reason the game’s tagline is “Play With Life”. No, not because OG Simmers still long for the days where taking the ladder out of a Sim’s pool would cause severe distress.

Well, it probably is a bit of that, but that’s not what this article is about. Delightful as the career options in The Sims 4 are, sometimes you just want to do something a little bit different.

We are not even talking about things like the side jobs or knitting stuff and selling them on Plopsy. We’re talking completely out the box… or rather, in the box, since this whole idea centres around changing the interior of a house.

Sims 4: How to renovate homes for profit

Depending on how deep you want to go with this whole storyline, the Gentrification Pack, ahem, Eco Lifestyle, can add quite a bit of spice to the self-styled property developer slash interior decorator career.

And just to be clear. This is not strictly a career. There are no rewards or daily tasks. It’s just a different way of playing The Sims 4 and another way to shake that Simoleon maker.

Getting started with a Sims 4 house flipper career

Pick your Sim and pick your neighbourhood. It can be a brand new Sim starting with the standard 20 000 Simoleons, or maybe it’s a Sim who wants to be freed from the confines of in-game careers.

For this demonstration, we have selected this randomly generated Sim who has clearly wronged the MC Command Centre at some point in a previous life, because look at what she is wearing. Thank goodness for The Sims 4 cheats to help us fix this nonsense. But we digress.

Sims 4 Renovate For Profit Home Decorator Career (7)

But let’s not digress. Back to the point: gentrifying all the neighbourhoods renovating homes in The Sims 4 for profit. This style of play is particularly fun for builders who do not often play in live mode.

The premise is simple. Without completely ruining the aesthetic of a house or apartment – in fact the ideal outcome is to improve it – you can change things up and swap out everything for more affordable options.

Whether you want to put any hard rules in place is up to you. If you don’t want to allow the use of custom content for your Sims 4 home renovator career, you don’t have to.

Ditto for using the free objects from The Sims 4 debug mode. Your game, your rules. Start off with buying any property your Sim can afford and change things up.

The best place to start is usually with the floors. You can actually make a pretty amazing chessboard style floor with the black and white swatches of the concrete. And it’s free. Just call me Ms. Moneypenny.

Sims 4 House Flipper Free Floor Concrete

As you replace the floors, money will be added to your Sim’s household account. Clearing walls and creating a more open-plan living area is another good way to make some quick bucks off your renovation project. On trend and profitable. How useful.

Sims 4 Renovate For Profit Home Decorator Career (6)

Replacing doors, light fittings and windows are all ways in which you can make a house flipper career work in The Sims 4.

Once you have completed a project, you can sell the property and move on to the next one. Or just burn the whole thing down to the ground, whatever.

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