Sims 4 toddlers get bunk beds thanks to amazing CC

One amazing modder has created functional CC bunk beds in The Sims 4 for toddlers and other Sims.

sims 4 functional toddler bunk beds.

We have said it before and we will say it again. The modders and the CC creators of the Sims 4 community do some incredible work. Whether it is creating more inclusive skin tones, fixing lag issues and everything else in between, they take the game to the next level.

While there has been much speculation that The Sims 4 will get bunk beds in a free base game update sometime in the near future,  custom content creators are way ahead of the curve.

PandaSama has answered calls from the community for bunk beds and they are amazing. They also made bunk beds for older Sims, but the toddler bunk beds are just so adorable.

Just look at this adorable video of a toddler getting into their bunk bed.

How cute?

PandaSama wrote on their Patreon page that creating these took much longer than expected.

“I wanted to make sure it is made with quality. Toddlers get in and out of the bed in two different style of animations, and it is chance based which animation they use. kids can also use the top bunk,” the post read.

The read and sleep function does not work on the top bunk with the creator writing:

“I apologize I couldn’t get the read to sleep function to work on the top bunk, I get very frustrated when I can’t get something to work, but  I know I will continue to grow and learn and I hope to come back to this project in the future and add those missing functions.”

We certainly aren’t complaining – The Sims 4 CC community put so much effort into mods and they do it without asking for anything in return.

You can grab the functional Sims 4 bunk beds for toddlers and other Sims over on PandaSama’s Patreon page. If you can, we highly recommend that you support modders’ Patreon pages by making a monthly contribution, it’s the least the Sims 4 CC modders deserve.