Sims 4 dropping curious hints through the Future Cube

There’s something brewing at The Sims 4 HQ…something that will occur in our future.

sims 4 future cube questions june 2020

The Sims community has been starved for updates recently. While it has been confirmed that there will be three new packs in the coming six months, very little is known about the direction these packs will take.

But in the last few days, SimGurus have dropped interesting hints on Twitter. Each guru tweeted a single letter. In isolation, the don’t mean much. When deciphered, though, they spell out “FUTURE CUBE”.

The gurus, who have been creating their work from home offices in the game, all had the cube in their screenshots.

The always curious Sims community were quick to begin investigations and had their Sims ask the cube about the future. Some of the notable answers, which were first shared to the forums, are listed below.

1. “The threads of your future knit together in a wave of darkness”.

2. “Your uncertainty, certainly shall become certain, under certain situations in no uncertain terms.”

3. “I see a gnome wielding a frozen rabbit riding atop a llama into battle against an udder’ly impressive foe.”

4. “Somebody is definitely going to get exactly what they want.”

5. “Your future looks pixelated.”

6. “Without a doubt, that thing we talked about will come to be, as all of the signs are pointing to the answer that we agreed upon in our last discussion.”

7. “Your future is… not bright, but illuminated… probably to an intensity of 0.981 candelas.”

8. “Climbing to the top one rung at a time!”

9. “Self-organization will be key to a happy future.”

Needless to say, speculation went into overdrive with the community trying to guess what all of this might mean.

Some think it hints at all of the coming packs – with the words like “knit together” taken as an obvious hint for the upcoming Knitting Stuff Pack.

Others feel that it either hints at one massive update coming to the base game or hints at one specific pack – a medieval sort of farming expansion.

Whatever happens, Simmers have been waiting a long time for a substantial update or new content, even more so with much of the world in “lockdown”.