Sims 4: Fixing Last Exceptions and broken mods easily

last exceptions release canddiate mod update

If you play The Sims 4 with mods, you are probably well-acquainted with the dreaded Last Exception error. Sometimes they seem to appear randomly, often they appear after a game update. They can be a challenge to solve for players who use a lot of custom content and/or mods.

There are some standard troubleshooting procedures players can follow, but this has become a whole lot easier thanks to‚Ķerm, well, another mod. Yeah, we know, we know… the proverb.

TwistedMexi, the creator of the T.O.O.L mod amongst others, also has a mode you might have heard of before: Better Exceptions. The current version of Better Exceptions v2.0 RC3 (clarification below) is nothing like the first release of this mod.

To clear up the technical clarification of RC: That means the mod is a Release Candidate of Better Exceptions. Don’t worry, we had to look up what that means, too. For the TL:DR – it means that while the software (in this case, the Better Exceptions mod), is stable and unlikely to cause a catastrophe, it is still going through beta cycles.

The more recent updates to the mod (Release Candidate versions) has made it a lot easier to locate any potential conflicts and if you want to take a closer look at how it all works, you’re in luck. TwistedMexi will premiere a new overview of the Better Exceptions mod on their YouTube channel on Friday (also embedded below).

The Better Exceptions mod has existed for a while – since 2019 – and it has gone through several upgrades and Release Candidate cycles since then. In fact, it has changed so dramatically that, according to TwistedMexi, the “original video doesn’t apply to how BE works today at all” – hence the need for a new overview video.

Better Exceptions in The Sims 4: Gotta catch ’em all

The current Better Exceptions Release Candidate versions include report generation to reveal exactly what the potential origin of the error or conflicts might be. It will make Sims 4 Patch Day – and dealing with Last Exception errors in general – much easier.  

Better Exceptions can scan your mods folder for possible conflicts and compatibility issues after a game patch and generate a detailed report to make it easier to prevent game crashes and include details for the reason why it was flagged.

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