The Sims 4: Is there a baby base game update coming? Plumbella thinks so

sims 4 base game babies update

What a day The Sims 4 speculation, right? We’ve already talked about the possibility of burglars finally returning to the game as NPCs, but what about an update for babies in The Sims 4?

For many, this won’t actually be news. We’re not sure how we missed this one, but at least our favourite Sims 4 YouTuber, Plumbella, is staying alert.

The Sims 4 team have been big on promoting the whole work from home movement, but a render posted to their Instagram story recently got the speculation and rumour mill turning again.

The picture was a render of a baby that looks very much… not like the babies we currently have in The Sims 4. Over on Twitter, The Sims community was aflutter with rumours and thoughts. Some pointed out that The Sims 4 team have used this render before. It’s straight-up misleading, but it’s marketing, right?

Another Simmer also said that this pose has been used many times before.

Be that as it may, if the animation or render exist, does that mean it’s been something that’s a work in progress and about to be released?

There was also a reference to updating babies in one of the most recent Sims 4 surveys. It’s a highly requested feature for Simmers who prefer playing long lifespans.

We don’t want to get our hopes up, but after the disaster of the 20th anniversary, we feel like the The Sims team owes us a little something.

Queen of the Plumbob Snark, Plumbella, certainly thinks that The Sims 4 base game is about to get a baby update.

Here’s Plumbella’s YouTube video on the whole thing

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