One minute yoga at home video: Tree pose

Yoga is a great way to break up your day and find focus. Take one minute to practice the tree pose.

One minute yoga at home tree pose video beginner

The tree pose or Vriksasana is one of the simplest and most popular yoga poses. The name comes from the words vriksa or vriksha, “tree” and asana meaning “posture”.

This pose is great for helping with balance – both physically and mentally. Focussing on your breathing while you do this pose will bring calm to any stressful day.

You can do the tree yoga pose anywhere – this is a great one-minute yoga pose to take a break in the middle of a busy day.

Breathing for the tree pose:

Breathe in for four.
Hold it for four.
Breathe out for six.

Benefits: The tree pose increases balance, focus, memory and concentration and strengthens the ankles and knees. Constult a medical professional before doing this posse if you have recently had a chronic knee or hip injury.

Modifications: You can practice against a wall if you are not ready to support your body weight yet.

Tips for keeping your balance

Fix your gaze on something that is not moving.
Engage your core.
Engage your standing leg foundation.

Video: How to do a tree pose in yoga