Let PlantSims stay PlantSims with this mod for The Sims 4

plant sims stay plant sims

PlantSims have been part of The Sims since the first edition released Makin’ Magic. Back then, it was essentially just an outfit (remind you of anyone else?), but they improved dramatically in the games that followed.

The Sims 2 and 3  added more depth and a permanent life state for PlantSims In The Sims 4, Plant Sims returned to the game in 2017 and only as a temporary life state.

To become a PlantSim in The Sims 4, the  Forbidden Fruit must be eaten. You can grow these by collecting Magic Beans and putting them in the Magic Stump. The Magic Beans come in the form of rare seed packets.

But, if you can’t be bothered with any of that, you can also cheat to transform into a PlantSim with the Shift-Click cheat.

For all of your efforts to spawn a PlantSim, your Sim will only stay this way for five days and they’ll get PlantSim hair whether you like it or not. What a pain in the grass.

Good news, though, if you want to just let PlantSims be PlantSims, but still keep their Sim hair, there’s a mod for that (a proverb). Actually, there are two different mods, so you can tree-at yourself. We’ll stop soon, promise.

Both are available for download on Mod The Sims and are made by the same creator Gulbasaur. The mod that lets PlantSimism take root also includes a version that allows for a hybrid PlantSim with vampires and aliens. Don’t worry if you’d rather not let that happen, though, there are two versions.

The root of a PlantSim

The thing that makes a PlantSim into a PlantSims is a hidden trait for…err…well, being a plant. As explained by the creator of the Permanent PlantSims mod, the moodlet you see in your game when a PlantSim sprouts is not what controls their state.

The moodlet ending, however, tells the game to remove the hidden trait and that’s how Sims return to their roots. The mod removes the moodlet and lets your PlantSim grow on with their life.

As an extra bonus, if you want your now permanent PlantSims to keep their hair in The Sims 4, you can use the PlantSims Keep Their Hair mod by the same creator. You can use this mod on its own, too, if you prefer a more temporary existence for your green-thumbed friends.

Playtesting note: We have tested both mods, but only to a limited extent. We could not get the hybrid to work in our game during our testing. But kept all our other mods in place and did not test any further. Sims also reverted to not being PlantSims if we used the CAS full-edit option to modify the household. Using cheats, we forwarded six Sim days ahead and our Sim volunteer remained as a PlantSim. We did not play through a Sim day in live mode with the mods enabled yet.

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