MAC Cosmetics’ response to Sims 4 palette faux pas

Sims 4 X Mac Response From Maccosmetics

MAC Cosmetics have responded to the criticism of their IRL Sims palette, but if you were hoping for something substantial, you are going to have to keep hoping.

On Sunday, the brand unveiled a The Sims x MAC release which did not go down well with the game’s player base.

Not only did many players feel the shades were a bit dull – with not much about it Sims-ey at all. Many also noted that it looked eerily like a palette the brand at released before.

Probably not ideal considering it was being billed as a “limited edition” on the product listing over on the MAC website.

On Thursday, MAC Cosmetics confirmed that the palette was indeed one that had been used before and which was simply renamed for the purposes of this partnership.

MAC attempted to justify the recycling of the palette swatches by saying it was used to help make the release universally appealing.

In a statement to Nylon, the company said that they wanted the shades and textures selected to ‘appeal to everyone’, whether they are a beginner or a make-up guru.

Here’s the full quote:

“Given the broad, diverse community of Sims fans, we wanted the shades and textures in the collection to appeal to everyone – whether they are makeup beginners or artistry gurus.

“Therefore, we went back to the vaults and picked a universal fan-favourite palette with some of our best-selling shades that easily allows you to go from natural to glam in one swipe.

“This versatile, special deco collector’s item is just one aspect of the SIMS x M·A·C collaboration for fans to create a fun, interactive experience. Other trend-driven, bold looks come into play when our fans and artists bring other M·A·C products into the mix to create exciting expressions of SIMS beauty.”

There was also a statement by MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Romero Jennings, saying:

“MAC and The Sims have similar values since we create for all skin tones. These shades are flattering in person and online. During New York quarantine, I realized that colour and highlight are important when creating a flattering, virtual makeup. This palette has both, and is easy to use.”

The two brands first teamed up in 2020, with several shades of very bright MAC make-up swatches added in a free base game update for The Sims 4.

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