Video: How to do a push-up and why you should

how to do a pushup and why it is good

Push-ups along with a few other simple body exercises such as the basic squat, are all super beneficial. They can be done without any equipment and even in a small space at home.

Push-ups can be used as one of your primary upper body exercises. You can also use push-ups as a replacement when you can’t do your regular workout routine. They’re very useful if you want to work out from home or you don’t have access to a gym – or if you don’t like going to a gym.

Benefits of doing push-ups

Remember, with push-ups, slower is better. Do push-ups with slow slow, controlled movements. Going fast may allow you to do more push-ups in a set amount of time however, you will receive less benefit from each individual push up.

If you go through the push-up movement really fast, you often don’t put your muscles through the full range of motion. That might boost your ego, but it’s not actually that beneficial.

Ten well-formed, controlled movement push-ups are better than doing 25 sloppy, incomplete push-ups. They are a tremendous strength-building exercise when done correctly, and will also assist with strengthening your core.

How to do a push up: Step by step instructions

  1. Lie face down with your body parallel to the floor.
  2. Place your hands palm down slightly beyond shoulder-width apart. Make sure your arms are positioned next to your shoulders and not too low next to your belly button or too high next to your head.
  3. Look up and ahead rather than down to the ground.
  4. Slowly raise yourself up keeping your body straight from the back of your heels to your head.
  5. Exhale on the way up.
  6. Once your arms are very close to being fully extended pause just slightly, this constitutes 1 repetition.
  7. Begin lowering your body back to the floor while inhaling.
  8. Once your chin touches the floor (remember your head is looking ahead not down!) begin raising your body back up to repeat the process.

How to do a push up: Video demo

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