Garmin is still mostly down, some services restored

Garmin says some of its services have been restored, while others are working with “limited” functionality.

garmin connect limited latest update on outage

Almost five days after a host of Garmin services went down in what many fear was a wide-ranging ransomware attack, the company reports that some services have been restored.

Since Thursday last week, users have been unable to sync their activities with the Garmin Connect app – both via mobile and desktop. Garmin first responded with silence and then issued a vague statement on Sunday.

News sites reported that the outage had all the markings of a ransomware attack, but so far, Garmin has not confirmed or directly denied this. The statement issued over the weekend simply said no user data had been compromised.

By Monday morning, some services had been restored while others were working with “limited” functionality.

Garmin outage: Latest update on Garmin inReach

An update posted on the Garmin Status website read:

The Explore site and Explore app sign in are now working. Some features may not be fully available or work intermittently, such as syncing data between the web site and app. The Explore site map is available.

Garmin Connect status: Latest update on what is working

Garmin says LiveTrack is working as expected and is online while the following platforms have been restored, but remain limited.

  • Garmin Connect
  • Garmin Golf
  • Garmin Dive
  • ConnectIQ
  • vivofit Jr.

Garmin Features: Latest update on outage

Garmin reports the following features are back online:

  • Activity Details & Uploads
  • Dashboard
  • Device Registration
  • Incident Detection & Assistance
  • Reports
  • Segments

The following features remain limited, according to the Garmin website. The functionality that isn’t fully restored is listed below.


  • Courses can be created in Connect Web and Mobile but are currently not syncing to devices.
  • Third-party Courses sent through the Course API will be queued to sync.

Garmin Coach

  • New coach plans can be created.
  • Existing plans may have delays processing Activities and assigning new workouts.

Daily Summary

  • Daily summary is viewable but some data may be delayed.

Challenges & Connections

  • Challenges can be created and viewed but leaderboard stats may be delayed.


  • Strava Beacon integration is working
  • Segments are being queued to sync to devices
  • Routes are being queued to sync to devices
  • Uploaded Activities are being sent to Strava but sending may be delayed

Third Party Sync

  • Activity syncing may be delayed.


  • Workouts can be created in Connect Web and Mobile but are currently not syncing to devices.
  • Third-party Workouts sent through the Training API will be queued to sync.

Wellness Sync

  • Sync is working but data processing may be delayed.

Users can check the status of the various Garmin platforms and features on the Garmin Status site.