Video: Lockdown workout like Cheslin Kolbe with limited or no equipment

Looking for workout ideas during lockdown? Sports stars around the world are giving them away for free.


Note: Always make sure you are cleared for a new form of exercise with your healthcare professional.

South Africans will begin a 21-day lockdown period on Friday in a bid to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, people will not be allowed to leave their homes unless they work in “essential services” or certain prescribed circumstances like going to the shops for food or medicine and collecting social grants, amongst others.

Staying fit while confined to your home might seem daunting, especially if you usually work out at a gym or you’re a runner.

But don’t despair. Around the world, including in some countries where lockdowns have already started, sports stars have been sharing their home workouts on social media.

Staying fit with limited or no equipment is much easier than you might think. Over the next 21 days, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite finds – and curating some of our own – to help you stay in shape in lockdown.

First up: Cheslin Kolbe, the hot stepper who ran circles around Owen Farrell to seal the Rugby World Cup for South Africa in 2019.

Kolbe shared a short and simple clip using a resistance band (tip: you can also use old pantyhose if you don’t have one of these), a dishcloth and his stairs.

Watch: Cheslin Kolbe’s no equipment workout

“Using a dishcloth instead of a slider, is a great way to target those hamstrings. You can also do them with two legs or with a single leg progression,” Murray Ingram, Director of Sport at the Burgundy High-Performance Centre, explains.

“Resistance bands are super handy for home workouts. You can do most of the movements you do in the gym. Front and lateral shoulder raises and even a few bicep curls,” he added.