Free Affinity Photo/Designer swatches and palettes to download

Affinity is a great alternative to the Adobe Suite. We’ve put together some palettes for you to download and import for free.

Affinity Suite Swatches To Download

The Affinity Suite of products are great alternatives to Adobe’s offering. While it does lack some of the more high-level functionality (or so we read on the forums…) it’s a perfectly suitable alternative for most of the basic design and photo editing work. Best of all? There’s no monthly fee for the Affinity Suite. Pay once for your software and that’s it.

It’s a great way to dip a toe into the world of design, without spending a fortune on something you might never use again.

If you’re new to this adventure and you’re looking for a bit of colour inspo (or color inspo, for our vowel deprived readers), you’re in the right place.

There are some great pantone and palette generators available for free on the web like ColorHunt and MakeItInShades.

But if you just want something that’s been done already, then check out some of our Affinity swatches below. You can download them for free through the link below the image and then import them into any of the Affinity Suite products.

How to import a swatch to Affinity

Use the top-right menu in the swatches panel.
Go to Import Palette.
Select Import As Application Palette.
Import the file you downloaded.

How To Import Palette Affinity

We’ve put together a few Affinity swatches below for you to download and import for free. If you’d like to see more of these, please share this post around so we can gauge engagement and interest for the future.

Kitchen Juice

Download the Kitchen Juice swatch for Affinity.


Download the Dab swatch for Affinity.


Download the Citrus swatch for Affinity.

Blue da ba dee da

Download Blue da ba dee da swatch for Affinity.


Download the Read swatch for Affinity.


Download the Lime swatch for Affinity.


Download the Kiwi swatch for Affinity.