A Sims colour palette for the Goth family

Sims 4 Goth Family Colour Palette

The first week of 2021 announced its arrival with peak 2020 energy. On Sunday, MAC Cosmetics announced the launch of their IRL make-up palette inspired The Sims.

Only, the palette did colour anyone impressed. Compared to the vibrant pops of colour added in a Sims 4 base game update during a MAC Collab last year, this was bland.

Needless to say, it did not go down well with Sims players. MAC’s response was also a bit… err… underwhelming, to say the least. The cosmetics company admitted that the palette was one that had been used before and just renamed for the purposes of this partnership, adding that they wanted to make sure the palette “appeals to everyone”.

Yeah, we know. Not great. Fortunately, as with many things relating to The Sims, players had some great suggestions for how MAC Cosmetics could improve the palette. One Tweet, in particular, got us thinking about Sims-inspired pantones.

Shades of The Sims: Plumbob the Pantone

These are not meant to be ideas for make-up palettes (although, it is certainly possible to use some of them as such), but rather a series of shades generated based on some of the game’s most recognisable characters and places.

With this, there is only one place to start. The most iconic Sims family of all time: The Goths. This version of the Goth family comes largely from the Fishy Save File, with a few edits by us. Yes, we have included CC in most cases, but this is a creative exercise… not a school exam, right?

Thanks to the magic of the coolors website, which allows you to generate a palette from an image – and adjust as needed, we’ve put together a Pantone card for four Goth family members. The hex codes are included for fun.


Bella Palette

We really wanted to get some of beautiful, deep red colours synonymous with Bella Goth into this pantone. No messing around with her red dress either, but we did replace one of the red tones from her dress with one of the tints for something just a bit lighter.


Mortimer Palette

Mortimer Goth was a bit more challenging. Those who played the first edition of The Sims might remember the pop of purple in his suit. We took a few liberties with that shade and despite his Morty’s best attempt to blue steel us here, he’s a bit more purple haze. We played around with a few outfits for him, including a slightly more obvious purple suit with one of those name-badge looking things on…but the neutral purple delivered the best results in the end.


Cassandra Palette

In another throwback to The Sims 1, we wanted to make sure we get the navy blue hues from Cassandra’s skirt in. In the first edition of the game, where Cas is just still a child, she wore an outfit that sort of resembled a school uniform – including the blue skirt. To add a bit of variety, we also styled her with a slightly lighter blue necklace for her pantone.


Alexander Palette

Often forgotten, Alexander Goth isn’t exactly the first member of the family who springs to mind whenever they are mentioned. We took a few liberties with his Pantone, including upping the hue for the green and blue shades that were generated.

The Goth Family

Goth Family Pantone

And finally, here’s a remix of the family all together with their palettes and a few other variants included. Mortimer is also sporting the suit that didn’t work out.

H/T: @JOONRONPA for the inspiration

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